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As a young boy, I became interested in the art of magic. I was fascinated with deception and sleight of hand. After several small shows in front of my family and friends, I did my first paid public show at the age of ten. Two years later, my parents sent me to meet Pascal Dénervaud – a professional magician from Berne. He became my first teacher in magic and supervised me during the following years. My interest in magic grew rapidly.


Bookings at birthday parties, weddings, and corporate events led to more experience and that led to more bookings. While I was quite busy on the weekends, I tried to graduate from high school during the week.


2008 - I became the youngest member of the Magic Circle of Switzerland. One year later,  I became a full-time professional magician. I regularly perform my magic show, my walk-around magic, and I develop magic which has been published internationally and consult for other magicians and artists.

2010 - I became the regular magician at the Grand Casino Berne, where I performed once a week until 2012. I began the collaboration with the group Zauberpack. We performed our full-evening show called ”Irritation” in Switzerland. As a result Of our success, our jorney continued to Germany with shows in Berlin, Munich, Cologne, Dresden...

In 2014, we ended this very interesting tour with a last and very successful performance in Crailsheim, Germany.

After Zauberpack I started booking more international shows. I performed in Germany, Austria, France, Spain, Italy, Lithuania, Lichtenstein, South Korea and the USA. Thanks to magic, I could experience more of my passions: traveling, languages, and getting to know other cultures!

In 2017, I earned third prize at the international competition and the Swiss championship of magic in Baden.

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